You know how you feel when you go home for the holidays? When all that is familiar and true engulfs you and simply put you are at peace..even if just for a short while? That is how you should feel every time you walk in your front door. It starts with surrounding yourself with beauty and eloquence....and what could be more beautiful than the story of your life?

Maybe there is a new baby, maybe you are about to say 'I Do'. Perhaps it has been all too long since you documented the growth of your family...or maybe this time... this is for you. You don't need a reason or occasion to feel amazing and beautiful.

We started Hold' Em Photography to share our adorement of photography, storytelling, being in love and family. We would be honored to tell your story with artisitcally created portraiture that will leave you gitty and take your breath away. Afterall, don't we all deserve to feel this way everyday?